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Animal cruelty is a disturbing problem that still occurs today and is evident in many forms. Some major methods are listed below. Many of the issues, such as hunting, can cause heated debates around the world. Others are not debatable…

Animals for Entertainment

Since 1990 captive elephants have killed 43 people. Elephants are peaceful animals, and this suggests that their treatment and cruel training techniques cause the animal to suffer and act in defence.

Bullfights and cockfights still exist in today’s world. Bullfights in particular being incredibly gruesome and cruel, with animals being tortured and having spears thrown into their backs until they finally succumb to a slow death.

Greyhounds after finishing their racing life are often killed or sent for experimentation.

Animal Experimentation

It is said that over 70 million animals are tortured and killed in US laboratories each year. Rabbits are routinely blinded in a process named the ‘Draize’ test. The Draize test protects companies from potential lawsuits, and does not necessarily protect or guarantee human safety. Purchasing cosmetics from companies who specify no animal testing is one small step that can be taken to prevent animal cruelty. The medical research field also take part in animal experimentation.

Factory Farming

Over 10 billion animals are slaughtered for human consumption each year. From cattle to chickens. Laying hens are kept in tiny cages, and many of the hens die from stress or disease. Dairy farmers are known to keep cows pregnant via artificial insemination to improve the cows productivity.

Fur Farms

Animals are ‘harvested’ for their fur on ‘fur farms’, millions of animals each year are killed. Animal cruelty is also prevalent in the trapping of animals, which is one known method many trappers use.


Hunting is one unnecessary method of animal cruelty. Whilst some hunting takes place for food consumption, many other animals die a slow and painful death for no other reason than to pleasure the hunter.

Exotic animals such as rhinos, elephants, tigers and etcetera are hunted and sold on the black market. This practice still exists in today’s world.



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